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This is the home of the Veritas Project, a group of paranormal investigators covering the St. Louis area founded by Bob Curtis in 1997 originally located in Southern California.


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Our main purpose is to investigate the causes of phenomenon using the latest technology, and to work with the client to resolve the issues they are experiencing or provide a greater understanding of the phenomena involved. But we are not limited to "ghost hunting" we also investigate any parabnormal event. I.E. U.F.O.'s, cryptozological sightings, and even local myth's So give us an email if you need our help.

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What a crazy year 2010 was, 19 credit hours is way to much for my brain to absorb. I had to hold off on investigating anything until I could get my schedule under control.

.: thank you!

We rely on your requests and referrals for our services, we never solicit. All our services are provided totally free of charge.

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